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The Correct Method of Sizing Equipment Part II

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The truth is you can spend thousands on high end equipment with all the bells and whistles and the unit will not give you any more efficiency that the ductwork was designed for, but once again most companies have no idea what it takes to correctly design and size heating and cooling equipment or systems.

Ductwork is what is used to deliver the air to each space. It is designed to deliver a correct amount of air at a correct speed, if your ductwork was designed to supply 1300 cfm, it makes no difference if the new system you bought is rated at 1600 cfm, the ductwork will only supply 1300 cfm and therefore you have paid a premium price for an extra 300 cfm that you can never use.

Most HVAC systems are undersized because of a lack of a load calculation. You owe it to yourself and your family to have a safe efficient and economical HVAC system. Choosing the right contractor means you will have many years of worry free heating and cooling. As mentioned here, the rule of thumb has become such an issues that manufactures have included a clause in their warranty that cancels the warranty if the system was not installed correctly. Would you want to spend thousands of dollars on a high efficient system that is highly inefficient and also has no warranty.

Many believe that if their equipment is inspected and passes that inspection then they do not have to worry. The truth is that code officials have a set standards for safe installations, meaning they want to ensure that the equipment was installed in a manner to keep gas leaks electrical fires and other issues from happening. These are a set of minimum minimum standards that were governed by a board of state county or city officials. This only means that the installation has met the minimum safety standards that were set by them, it in no way guarantees that the unit was installed in a manner that will not void a manufactures warranty.

For example, low gas pressure causes a furnace to burn incompletely and will cause deformations and cracks in heat exchanger, it will shorten the life of the heat exchanger and is a potential health hazard as carbon monoxide can be released in the home through the air stream. If a unit has a cracked heat exchanger due to incomplete combustion and a warranty claim is filed, the manufacture can test the heat exchanger and determine that the damage was due to low gas pressure, which will void the warranty.

Gone are the days when you could just hire anyone to install equipment and then the manufacture would cover damaged parts under warranty even though the damage was caused by improper installation and/ or maintenance.

Manufactures lost a lot of money over the years from claims against defects that were not manufacture defects, but defects from improper installation.

I have installed and serviced many HVAC equipment and there are a few lemons in every bunch, but an improper install shows up as more than just equipment failure. It shows up as a dangerous situation that you would not want to put your family in.

We are not just a service company or a business, we are a brand, we set ourselves apart from the rest by doing what it takes to make the installation and service complete ,correct, efficient and cost effective to our customers.

We perform the correct load calculations and equipment sizing and can determine the correct size equipment for your system, let us use or years of experience and knowledge to give you the piece of mind you deserve.

We didn’t invent Air Conditioning, we perfected the installation and service.

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